Sobranes, LLC

The Mountain

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Sobranes is a famous mountain in Northern California, near Big Sur. It sits as a monument to a challenge, a challenge to climb and to reach the top. The company is now based in Colorado, USA. 

Our company is an example of this magnificent mountain. We analyze and then overcome obstacles and hurdles in the financial and commercial world. We then find the best route to reach the top of these opportunities. We provide in depth research and risk evaluation to determine the best, most assured and successful ascent to overcome the obstacles in any transaction.

We invest in almost all parts of the world, in real estate, the loans which surround real estate, as well as all forms of commodities and the financial instruments which support the trading of commodities. We also invest in the farming and ranching world, from water treatments, to fertilizers, and pest control. 

We are one part of a team. Every obstacle requires different team members, from bankers, to developers, miners or farmers. We'll work with you to get to the summit of your own mountain.

We have lawyers and consultants in many parts of the world, including North America, East  Africa, South Africa, Turkiye, Canada and Mexico. Our team work allows us to enter into business opportunities as a participant, or as a lender.